Sugar, Sugar

So. It’s been a heck of a few weeks. Never home for more than a day or so and even when we are, we are on the road. And now summer is almost gone. *Sigh*

And in these last few weeks I was very discouraged because I had actually gained weight. Only a pound, but a gain is a gain. I ran into a friend in Academy one day (she’s very thin, but trying to build muscle and be healthy) and we began talking about what we were doing in terms of “diets” (those of you who know me know I abhor the “D” word). She said that she has a whole new respect for overweight people now because it is HARD to follow a diet plan and workout, AND count calories, AND resist temptation. Can I get an amen?!? She’s right you know. I log EVERY SINGLE THING I eat EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I log my exercise and then I have to subtract the exercise and the calories consumed to see where I came in for the day and week. Or, if I look up a food that is only listed as “serving” instead of a number of the item or ounces, then I get in to the whole “I’ll never use algebra in real life” and now I need it and can’t remember it. It’s hard y’all!

So in my struggles the last couple weeks I have been trying to balance what I eat, making sure I have enough carbs to fuel my body on long rides yet make sure I don’t consume too much sugar at the same time (that’s an algebraic expression on it’s own). Not too much red meat (my Sunday “treat” so to speak) and not too much processed, no artificial sweeteners- ugh- my head is hurting just writing about it!!!

So I decided to switch things up a bit. I cut my carb intake to 70  or less per day. Easy right? The USDA says the recommended daily allowance is 300! And you Atkins people get this because y’all get even less. But I read that the sugar is what goes to your gut and that happens to be my problem area right now. So now I’m stuck- do I go back to the dreaded, cancer causing, it’s gonna make you fat artificial sweetener in my coffee? Or do I just not drink coffee (yeah, that ain’t happening and don’t even THINK of telling me to drink it black!!) or what do I do?? My morning breakfast of 1/2 cup of granola and 2 tablespoons non-fat plain yogurt fresh raspberries or blueberries- gone. Wholly cow! I can have all the darn meat I want. Jeez! So I did it. For a week. And I lost FIVE pounds. But, like with Atkins, is it sustainable?? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just keep trying to tweak it and continue to pedal my ass off on that darn levee…

And that’s only a snippet. My entire life is consumed with “eat this, or that?” and “what can I cook for dinner that the family will eat and I CAN eat without cooking 2 different meals?” and when do I fit the workouts in? Consumes. My. Life. And now, no sugar. I’ve given up bread and pasta months ago. I’ve given up sleeping in during the summer (I get up at 5:30 every morning so I can fix the hubby’s lunch and go do some miles). I’ve given up being able to sit comfortably and sometimes walk comfortably because by the time the old bruises heal, I have new ones from falling off the dang bike (I WILL get the hang of the darn clipless yet!!!). I’ve given up being a sloth during the summer. The list goes on, and on, and on…

So the next time you see an overweight person, remember- it ain’t easy. I absolutely got myself here, and I’m working my butt off to get away from here. And it certainly is not easy when you are married to someone who can eat a half gallon of ice cream before bed and never gain an ounce. 

So here are the numbers:

35 pounds total

No new pant size or shirt size yet

70 or less grams of carbs/ day last week

1 bag of spinach last week (I’m getting tired of eating it- time to change it up)

All the broiled shrimp I could possibly eat yesterday 🙂


Life is good!



2 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. wanda causin says:

    Don’t get discouraged. The weight loss is showing. You did not put all the weight on in 1 or even 2 years. Just like smoking, it takes awhile for all of the BAD stuff to get out of your system, but you WILL do it. I have faith in you, and if you “slip” every no and then, you know you will make it up. An “old” saying, “keep on keepin on”

  2. Leo Basile says:

    Hey Ruth, just reading this. I can tell you from experience that the struggle never EVER goes away. I’ve kept about 160 pounds off for over ten years but have gained 15-20 over the last few years. I am insane about what I eat. Almost to the point of madness. If you would like to meet for coffee I will share with you my thoughts on weight loss and things you could maybe tweak if you want too.

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