Where’ve I been?

Yep- for the 2 of you who have been dying for a new post, I’m back!

Haven’t really been anywhere, just the usual: work, home, play, workout, etc. Which has left little time for much else. School has consumed my life the last 3 weeks and I’m just praying I can make it to Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to keep on keeping on which has proved to be quite difficult these last few weeks. It finally looks as though things might be becoming more routine and hopefully I can implement a riding schedule of sorts, because I think I can make that happen after it not happening, ha!

And as far as riding goes, nothing really new to report other than I’ve had trouble getting out there and getting some serious miles is. I did change a tube for another lady rider a few days ago. She had a beautiful Fuji that maybe weighed 3 ounces and got a flat on my end of the levee. I stopped and she asked if I could change it, and of course I asked her about having the fancy bike and all the stuff and not knowing how to change a flat. The response? “My husband usually does that.” Ha! Took about 10 minutes to fix it and she and her friend were gone again. They invited me along but since I may as well have been riding a Schwinn with a banana seat next to their rides, I let them go on. I didn’t want to show them up and make them feel bad when they saw how fast I could go on my 10 pound bike ๐Ÿ˜‰

So how’s the rest of the journey going you ask? Numbers? Hmmmm… numbers have been a real battle the last 2 weeks and I had all but given up- I was frustrated, irritated, and frankly pretty darn hacked off. I gained FOUR!!! And there seemed no end in sight (PS- why are we so dang scale obsessed???). Suddenly I get on and BOOM! Lost EIGHT! I don’t get it, really. So numbers:

Weight: 202

Pant size: who knows? That’s a whole other post! Somewhere between an 18 and a 14- mostly 16 unless Saturn aligns with Jupiter and it might be a 12. I guess you just can’t get all Sri Lankan child laborers to use the same ruler…

Miles: 887

Calories burned: 83, 288

Pounds lost: 40

Spinach consumed: none lately, got sick of it.

New Favorite Bar: Kind Salted Dark Chocolate

And that’s it till next time when we delve in to women’s clothing sizes…


One thought on “Where’ve I been?

  1. Jen says:

    almost to the 100s!! go Ruthie! ๐Ÿ™‚

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