OH! Technology…how I (sometimes) hate you…

I use a few apps to track food and exercise and listen to music. This whole “smartphone” thing is a splendid idea, why didn’t anyone come up with it sooner?!? All of this nifty stuff you can do, it takes multitasking to a whole new level! Oh, how I love all of these neat things like taking pictures while tracking my ride and uploading my calories burned directly to my food tracking app! It’s so freaking awesome!!!!

Until it doesn’t work or your battery dies. UGH!

I have an iPhone 4S and I do really like the thing. Apple really had me sold because of ease of use (handy when Senior is trying out the whole technology thing) and the many apps as well as their process of screening new apps- no bugs on MY phone! But recently I have been having trouble with battery life. Like draining so ridiculously fast that I’m charging it several times a day. And like that wasn’t bad enough, along came iOS 7 which completely vexed me. Not quite as much on the phone as it did on the dang iPads- but nerve wrecking has no real degrees, the total aggravation of losing my contacts and the panic that ensued was just cruel and unusual punishment when they magically reappeared 15 minutes later. It’s almost as if Apple is thumbing their nose at us because they know that our phones are our lives now. Grrr…

That said, I have found some pretty nifty apps to use along with my workouts/ rides/ runs/ whatevers. I WAS a huge Pandora fan until they implemented that whole “listen too much and we start charging you” thing. Ruined the experience for me. Y’all know I’m cheap and ain’t paying for no music. So I switched to Spotify, which was OK but I found I didn’t get the same level of personalization (yeah, yeah, I should just suck it up and pay for Pandora. Uh, NO!). And then came iTunes Radio. I LOVE the dang app, except once I used it and loved it, it quit working or crashed. Now that I have fixed that problem (more on that later) I am back in love with it. I get the personalized music and more choices of stations, plus the option to buy the song (I don’t buy them, but it’s nice that I have the option should I ever want it). And I can save my stations to a little “favorites” kind of area and it’s easy to navigate- us old folks appreciate that!

Another app I use is iBiker. There is also iRunner, which is what I started with- they are the exact same app. You choose the exercise you are doing and it tracks it. I like that it provides the route you biked/ ran/ walked, averages, calories burned, duration, splits, elevation, pretty much everything you would want to track. Plus you can sync a heart rate monitor via Bluetooth and it will share my workouts with other apps. 

Then there’s Lose It. I know most people use My Fitness Pal, but before it was Lose It- and I originally started tracking what I eat a few years ago and this was what was out there. I’m used to it, it’s simple and does what I need it to do. 

I’ve tried Map My Fitness and I’m just not a fan. It has some things I like, but I really like the “dashboard” display of iBiker- it’s easy to read, especially while riding. Map My Fitness just doesn’t seem as user friendly to me. 

And that iOS update? It sucked. I think Steve is doing back-flips in his grave knowing that his company sent out an update with as many bugs as this update has! One day I was one the phone, hung-up, and went to make another call and all of my contacts were gone. Nothing like a mini heart attack while you are in the middle of something important. I figured I was going to have to post on Facebook for people to send me their contacts because I have not memorized a phone number since 1999 (hangs head in shame). So I turned it off and on a few times, fiddled in settings, and finally they magically reappeared. And just the look in general of the update- I just don’t like it. Buttons got moved, the process of deleting things was changed, forwarding messages changed, the battery life got worse even after I turned off the whole motion thing. And it was double the nightmare on the iPads. One of my students didn’t get to read for a week because his reading program kept crashing after the update for the app. Hopefully Apple figures out how to fix this and I can be happy with Apple again. 

Also, remember the Yurbuds I got a while back? I have to tell you the more I use them the more I like them. I also wonder why more people don’t use them when they are on the levee. You can hear noise around you plus hear your music, something I think the walkers should consider. Especially the ones that like to walk in the middle of the path with headphones in and don’t know you’re behind them, much less hear you yelling “passing left” 15 times. These headphones stay. Period. And they are comfortable and the cords never tangle. Plus, they are reasonable. I was looking at a Bluetooth set for about $80, but I only paid $29 for these. They do have higher end ones that cost more, but I figure the more I’m outside with them the more likely I could lose them. They do what they need to do- I don’t need $80 headphones. 

Well, no new numbers really. Just trying to keep going, but the scale is not. Some of my clothes are looser (Do NOT tell me muscle weighs more than fat- I don’t want to hear it) but still no change in numbers lately. I’m trading field greens for a chopped mix this week, and am still having the insatiable hunger- luckily not as bad as it was, at least now I can control it.

So until next time~

Life is GOOD! 



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