Busy busy busy

I have intended to blog every weekend, and it never happens. Life has definitely been in the way. Many of you may know that we now have kayaks, well I don’t have one but the boys have them. And that has taken a lot of my time even though I don’t go with them. When they kayak, they bring home fish- which means I get to package and cook fish. Yay. I don’t really mind other than the weekends never seem long enough to accomplish what I set out to do anyway, so throwing in an added task is a bit of a pain in the boondoggle. 

So here it is, another edition of me telling everyone how great life is since I implemented this “lifestyle change.” Well, you’re probably going to be disappointed this time!

I would like to talk about some questions I’ve been asked (a lot) lately. The biggest one of which is “Have you heard of/ tried Plexus/ Slim Quick/ Advocare (or insert any other weight loss/ health product here)? So and So tried it and lost a TON of weight!”

The answer is yes, I’ve heard of them- no I have not and probably will not try them. Why you ask? Because I feel if you have reached the point in your life that you REALLY want to lose weight/ be healthy, you will commit to the whole “eat less, move more” philosophy. Most people you see that are hugely successful with these products are also implementing that philosophy. I’m going to throw out a big cliche here: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And frankly if all this stuff works the miracles they claim- don’t you think the “obesity epidemic” would be non-existent?

  Now I know I am about to get slammed with people who are going to very mad that I am downing the products, but I’m not really downing the product. If that’s what it takes to spur someone to change, then good for them! Let’s just think for a second though…have you EVER seen anyone post/ comment/ testify that “_____ product didn’t work for me, I gained weight!” Probably not. I do know a lot of people who tried these products and were not successful, but you will never see that on a webpage because the companies don’t want you to see that. Like anything else it’s all about the advertising. 

I believe everyone has to find what works for them. For me it was tracking my intake and exercise every single day. Yes, I’ve hit bumps and had set backs, but that’s what happens with everything you try. I know equally as many people who have had gastric bypass that have regained weight- that doesn’t mean it’s not effective, it means that it wasn’t successful for that person. Whatever route you choose is only going to be as good as the effort you put forth. And ALL of these methods require some level of effort and investment. If you’re not really ready and committed you are probably setting yourself up for failure, and the more you fail the less motivated you will be. These products often give people the motivation they need to start, and then small changes follow: cutting back on carbs or fat, taking a walk, not going back for seconds, no fast food- all part of a healthier lifestyle.

So whatever way you choose to get there, make sure you’re ready to be there and be committed. And never, ever, ever make too many changes at once- that will almost guarantee failure. If you’re not ready to exercise, cut back sugar for a few weeks (like soda). Then maybe start taking a walk in the evenings. Be sensible. If you try to do it all at once you will burn out and not be able to maintain the changes. As you see success you will become more committed because you will feel better.

That said, I have to get back on track. I have not been on the bike in over a week (or done anything else for that matter). I had a goal of 2,000 miles by the end of the year and it looks like I might miss it by about 300 miles 😦 I had a plan, but that’s OK.


Scale number: unchanged

lost 1 pant size

cabbage consumed (I still can’t eat spinach): about 2 bags/ week

Celery eaten: 3 stalks/ week

Life is good!