Discoveries ~ It’s Been Awhile

Well, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I have intended to blog for a LONG time, but always find some other more interesting thing to do. And besides, there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to report. I mean I missed my 2,000 mile goal for 2013 by quite a bit because of a piece of glass block that busted the sidewall of my tire (and thankfully a student’s dad rescued me and brought me back to my car!). Then the weather. I mean really, when did south Louisiana decide to have an actual WINTER?!?! As if that was not enough drama, there’s “the injury” – not bike related, but keeps me off the bike since it involves my elbow, neck, and shoulder. 


Which brings me to my discoveries: first and foremost- I am NOT right handed. I suck at it, and I can’t wait for whatever this is to get resolved because my right hand is useless. 

But that’s not really the discoveries I’m talking about. I have some positive stuff (besides the fact that I’m positive I was never made to be right handed). 

At this point my overall weight loss stands at about 45 pounds. And when most people see me, they don’t notice because (I think I’ve said this before) once you get SO big, you’ve got to lose a lot for people to notice. It’s almost like fat is fat, there’s no “just a little fat.” Or maybe I’m crazy, which is a possibility. 

Being 45 pounds lighter I’ve discovered a few things. Little things, but kinda nifty. 

I fit differently in seats. Kitchen table, car, truck, auditorium, etc. I love that I don’t overflow anymore!
Speaking of seats- seatbelts fit differently too.

Old coats and jackets have a lot more real estate. Like I can wear sweaters and sweatshirts under them now and still have plenty of room.

Old clothes. You know, the ones we hold on to because we will fit in them again? Even better than fitting in them again is when you finally work up the courage to try them on- they’re too big! Funny thing is, some of the clothes are pre-2005. So I’ve been a big girl for a while. But had to give my favorite Levi’s capris away after I wore them again for the first time in about 7 years (yeah, we’ll talk about hoarding later) because they were so big they were falling off. Now that’s cool!

Fitting in “normal” sized spaces. Like the gym equipment 🙂

And best discovery of all: while I’ve always loved outdoor activities, I’m much better at them now! 

Oh, and I’ll never take a prolonged break again, like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I gained 6 pounds and then had to lose it again. I completely undid all my hard work. That won’t happen again!

And I’ve discovered I can maintain. I’ve managed to maintain since right after Christmas without having to over think it. I know what I should and shouldn’t eat and try to stick to it, even if I can’t exercise (all the more reason to stick to my eating habits).

Hopefully the next blog post will include something about a long bike ride. I hope. And pray. I miss it so much!

Till then,

Life is GOOD! 



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